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 Strap Pads Fleece

(Tube Type) 

The Strap Pads- Fleece, are the Original style pads that I designed in 2004. These pads are designed to fit the headgear straps and prevent the embarrassing marks left on your face after sleeping with your CPAP. The fleece is very soft and of the best quality available anywhere. The fabric washes beautifully and these will last for over a year with hand washing and air drying. These fleece pads are versatile and can be used anywhere on the headgear where you can pull the end of the strap through the tube. The fleece fabric bends nicely if there is a curve in the frame and will not cause wrinkles like the cotton strap pads. These are made in different widths and lengths depending on which mask headgear they are designed to fit. 

 Click on a photo for more details about the product and to order.

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