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 Mask Liners- Nasal

Our Mask Liners were originally designed in 2007. They are meant to prevent contact dermatitis or irritation on the face caused by the silicone cushion of the mask. Some people buy them to eliminate the leaks around the mask and they may work for that even though they were not designed for that. Several of the mask liners have a nose bridge pad sewn into them (some do not). The holes for the nose can be trimmed if it is too small for you. These mask liners hug the mask like a diaper on a baby and will not fall off the mask. They are easy to remove when it is time to wash them. 


These are all washable and reusable. They will last 6 months or longer.We suggest you wash the liner at least weekly (like you would your pillow case). 


We have mask liners for all the popular masks and will continue to design mask liners for the newest masks on the market. If you do not see what you need, please contact me. 

 Click on a photo for more details about the product and to order.

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