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Nose Bridge Protectors

The Nose Bridge Protectors were originally designed for the Mirage Quattro Mask. These protect the bridge of the nose from the rubbing of the mask cushion. They do not typically cause more leaks when installed correctly, but you can trim the flap more narrow to prevent that if necessary. These come in two sizes, the Style B and E are both 4 inches wide and the Style C is 3 inches wide. 

The flaps that hang down from the Forehead Pads need to tuck between two layers of the mask cushion. The newer masks only have one layer of the cushion and make it harder to use these Nose Bridge Protectors. We suggest a Mask Liner with the padding sewn into it in that case. 

If you are unsure if it will work on your mask, please contact us and we will help advise you. 

 Click on a photo for more details about the product and to order.

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